Read and React #3

At my work place, I have been able to meet all of my leaders, including the general manager. All of my leaders are very friendly and are always there to help whenever we need assistance. The essential thing at work is communication. We need to be able to communicate and share ideas in order to understand and solve situations with guests more efficiently. I have yet to perform management tasks, however, I have been able to assist other co-workers whenever they had any questions or needed help understanding something and vice versa.

I learned that in order to attain a management position, you need to have an overall understanding of the front desk. All of my leaders know how to perform front desk cashier duties as well as concierge duties  and back office operation duties. They have an overall understanding how does everything work and have assisted in all positions that involve front desk and direct interaction with guests. They are also very efficient in guest service recovery. In order to be a manager in my area of work you need to have an understanding of the front desk in general and how it operates altogether.

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