Weekly Reflective Journal #5

I started voluntEARing for Give Kids the World Village today. I absolutely loved the experience. I’ve volunteered with children back in NY for a non-profit organization called Spoons Across America. However, this definitely was a slightly different experience. It’s a feel good job. We basically spend our time playing with families of children who are terminally ill. It made me a little sad looking at these children, but I kept my smile especially they’re keeping their smile and head up through these tough times.

Today’s event was called Candyland. It’s literally a life size candy land game themed event. The idea was proposed when a father said that his child never had a chance to go trick or treating because of their condition. We were able to give many children that opportunity today. Children would get game cards and make stops at each station to do any activity and earn a stamp. Once they earn every stamp, the children would get a super prize. The activities range from physical to mental. There were races and a dance for everyone to join in. There were also characters from the Candyland game, like ice queens, gingerbread man, etc. There were balloon animals and a selfie station as well! It was GREAT seeing all these children so happy. I really felt like I was giving these kids the world today. I am most definitely signing up to go next time as well.


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