Weekly Journal #6

imageThis week was yet another week that I had been deployed to a new location. It seemed a little strange to me that for two weeks in a row they would send people to work at other locations other then what they were initially trained for, but from what I found out this is fairly common.

This week I was back in Epcot just not in out door foods but in their very large quick service restaurant called ” The Electric Umbrella”. For lack of a better word this is location is like a high classes McDonalds. Granted the food was exceptionally better then any McDonalds every could be but they have the same kind of process. This sounds a little harsh but this is only because I did not enjoy my time there as much as I thought I would. This was still a great learning opportunity for me but I do just hope I do not get placed there again.

When deployed to Electric Umbrella there are  not many positions available for us to take part in due to the fact that their is a much longer training process that need to take place to do these tasks. So for the most part of my stay their I was cleaning tables and refilling condiments. The work was very easy but because of the little to no guest interaction the day seemed to drag on.

When doing out door vending you are constantly talking and interacting with each guest that approaches your cart. They even allow you to walk around the perimeter of your cart to help make magical experience for some guests where you see fit. This is what I look forward to when working especially at a Disney Park so while working at Elecric Umbrella all week I started to miss the fun I was getting out of my job.

What I can say about this location is that the people who work their are very nice and more then willing to lend a helping hand. This did help me get through the week and allowed me to make some new friends along the way. Next week I will be back at out door vending so I’m taking this week as they give it to me and have a whole new respect for what I do.

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