Reflective Photo Journal #6

This week has been full of learning  because I have been learning a lot of new things. One of the things that I have learned is about Human Resource Management class, for example, I learned all the laws for an employee. Some of the laws are “the Civil Rights Act”, which consist on the discrimination about hiring a person based on his/her sex, color, national origin or religion. I really like this law because people can not judge other based on these things that I already mentioned. another law that called my attention was “Family and Medical Leave” this law permits employees working in a company of Fifty or more workers to take like twelve  or more  weeks of unpaid time off for medical reason each year. Even though I do not see many companies that have this privilege, I personally think that an employee should have this time off if is needed. for example in some other country in The UK they do have this law and think here in The United States we all should have that law in our workplace. The photo below is the book where you can find all the laws, in chapter #3 employment laws page #60.

I was really interested in all these laws because now I will know better when it comes to my rights in my current company or in my future.


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