Weekly Reflective Journal #4

This is my fourth week here as a WDWCP. I’m starting to get used to my schedule of work and class. I work five days a week and go to class two days a week. I like my schedule because on my days of work, I can focus on work and my days of class, I can focus on class.

I have really fallen into understanding the four keys. Right after I clock in and get my assignment and before leaving my stationed building, I always give myself a checklist. Am I show ready? Am I within the disney look? Is my shirt tucked in? Are any of my tattoos visible? Do I have my water bottle? Do I have my telecast handy? Is my name tag on?

Also, just something I noticed the other day. When I first started work as a Disney Hollywood Studio’s Park Greeter, I thought that I would be able to personally interact with guests since I’d be one of the first people they’d see. I soon realized that sometimes it’s hard to connect with guests, especially when all they want to do is get into the park and play. I definitely don’t blame them. That is exactly the reason why people go to Disney World.

I was also able to attend Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. People who attended would get a passport where they can obtain stamps from different vendors as they tried (or not try) their food. I collected a stamp from each country vendor that participated.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.17.13 PM



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