Weekly Journal #5

This week jump started the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festivle. In Epcot there are two major festivals, the Wine and Food festival that happens in the Fall and the Flower and Garden festival that occurs in the spring. I am very happy to be able to not only attend this festival but take apart in its work. Even though I am in outdoor vending pieces of this event are spread along the entire park and because spring break season is now upon us the park is as packed as ever.


In the International Flower and Graden festival their are various amounts of special dishes and beverages that are only here when this festival takes place. What I have really enjoyed though are the detailed topiaries that you can find in both Future World and the World ShowCase. These topiaries consist of classic and new Disney characters that have been recreated in amazing living sculptures by renowned horticulturists.

This festival lasts a full 3 months from March 2nd to May 30th. When entering the park you are constantly reminded of its presence and as soon as you walk in there is a amazing topiarie of Mini Mouse to welcome you into the park. Before the festival actually started I was one of the first people to see some of the events they had lined up. Such as the “Butterflies On the Go” exhibit where you are in a big netted tent that allows you to have beautiful butterflies flying all around you basically living as they normally would. Some people are even lucky enough to have some of the butterflies land on their shoulders.


The reason that this event is so special is mainly because of it food. They do have other events to keep everyone entertained and very much in to a greener earth, but what people really come for is the food that they know they can not get anywhere else. On my first visit I did not get the time or chance to purchase any of the specialty foods but I know that I will be back more then once to really be able to enjoy all that the festival has to offer.


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