Reflective photo journal #5


This week was my first time going to Epcot park and I was really surprised when I saw the Spaceship ball right in front of the main entrance. The Spaceship Earth in future world at Epcot is a ride that takes people to a gentle journey through time that technologically man has evolved. This iconic and symbolic structure is one of the most recognizable structures of any theme parks. The ride takes about Fifteen minutes and it demonstrates to the guest how advancements in human communication and technology have helped to us to create one step at a time up to day.

The  reason why this famous and iconic structure made me reflective this week is because that for the first time in my life I have been in a ride that really made me think about where we are coming from in terms of communication and technology. I know that now in days, we as the new generation we don’t even care to know how we all have got to this point where everything is virtual and technology-wise. I still remember when in my house like Fifteen years ago we still had the black and white TV and when not everybody could have a computer in the house. But after I went into this ride I realized how advanced we were technologically  at that time compared to Thirty years ago. I saw how big were the computers, it was like the size of a house and now I can hold it with one hand. Another thing that really surprise me was when in one part of the ride we were like outside the Earth and I have to say that it feels very real I can almost say that I kind of have the idea of how it feels to be out in the space. I know all of this information is not new to me because I have taken classes and I have read books, watched videos etc. But what is new to me is that I have never lived this experience in reality like I did in the Spaceship ride, because it felt like I went back in time and through time up to the world we are currently living.

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