Read and React #2

“The Storms of Summer” by Barbara Higgins was an interesting article, concerning a hurricane situation that affected Florida State. Disney is a multi-national company that strives to ensure that their guests and employees are safe. Disney’s motto is “Safe D Begins with Me,” which I agree on.

During my week of training at Disney Hollywood studios, I learned procedures to a lot of situations. For example, how to handle children if they’re lost, how to handle adults if they have lost their children, where the AED Defibrillators are located, where the emergency exits are.

Luckily, Walt Disney World is all about safety. The company really tries to implement that practice on to their cast members. Cast members are trained through being walked through the park and showed which areas are important and by reading a manual. The lesson that is learned is to always be prepared for the worst. Being prepared makes situations that are out of our control, more easy, protected and controllable.

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