Read and React #3

From what I have seen working at two locations, the mangers and leaders try their best to work hand in hand with each other. Unfortunately I have not had the privilege to trail a manager or perform any of their tasks, but the ones that I have spoken to were able to give me good insite on some of the processes they go through on a daily basis. With in the Walt Disney Company their is a lot of rules and regulations that they must follow and enforce as well as keeping everyone in line. This does not mean they are like dictators because for the most part all of the managers I have met seem to be very nice people and interacts with their employees well, but they do still have a job to uphold.

During my time at Epoct, after my training has been completed I got the chance to work at one of the food carts by myself. This was very nerve racking but I did feel confident in my training to make it through the day. During my time at this cart of the managers came by simply as one of his walk through’s. While being at my cart he was able to assist me with the customers along with watching my interactions, just as stated in the article “START OFF AS AN OBSERVER”. He knew that I was a new comer to this business and has shown nothing but respect and patients when on the job. During the time he was at my cart he completed an audit of my money. This was the first time I had ever been audited but I knew it was expected to come eventually. After completeing the audit he was kind enough to explain what he was doing and why he did it. I told him this would be my first time and when ever someone hears that, manger or employee, they do their best to help out when needed. He told me this audit is to make sure that the money in the register are accurate to the money in the POS system. This helps them find out if the person is stealing or if their were just minor mistakes during transaction with the guest. If their was a kind of mix up this also helps correct the problem before having to cash out at the end of the night He also assured me not to be worried when this happens, it is a regular procedure.

I did appericate this manager giving me the complete run down of the money audit just in case I their was a problem with my drawer. This also allowed me to see what a manager job in tails. As an employee at Epcot you are held responsible for the money in your drawer, as a manager you are responsible for everyone’s money and keeping them true to the Disney code. For being at such an enormous business such as Disney, I would feel very intimidated as to running a peice of it. I would hope that I am able to uphold to the challenge as explained in the article but no one is perfect and I know for a fact that Disney understands that. I would hope that one day I can come back and start a full time career here at Disney World where I can work my way up to a managerial position. This is a place of opportunity where dreams can happen so I know that with time and effort this dream can become a reality.



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