Read and React #2

Reading the article ‘Storms of Summer’ by Barbara Higgins is very interesting. I believe it is very important for a company to focus on their response and how prepared they are in case of an emergency because in the end this actually affects the guests. The resort where I work, is very prepared when it comes to emergency response. I think this is very important since this resort is very large and many guests come to visit.

I asked one of my trainers how was the resort prepared in case of an emergency and what would they do in such situations. He explained to me that employees usually volunteer in the Hurricane patrol team. They provide them with gears to provide service under the weather and help the guests. They have to stay in property for 24 hours assisting and helping with sandbags as well to protect the property, until warning has passed. They also have first aid defibrillators. This actually helps in case of extreme emergencies such as if a guest has a heart attack but only qualified personal is able to use it. They also have a swat team and emts and ambulances that are separate entities but still are under Disney payroll which I find really interesting. The company altogether takes safety very seriously and takes proper care of their guests. So if an emergency arises they are very well prepared to respond and take action. Not only to protect their guests but their employees as well.

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