Weekly Journal #4


With in the program you are assigned to one place of work, but this does not mean they can’t send you to another location say for a week. This week I got deployed to River Side Port Orleans Resort with 7 other coworkers. When you get deployed you are essentially in the same line of work just in another location, so I was still able to be apart of quick service food and beverage. Even though this is the same business I felt like I was in a completely different world.

My first day at Port Orleans was quite the experience. From what I knew if you had been deployed they will send you an email as notification that you were relocated. I guess through technical difficulties I did not receive an email, so I showed up to Epcot thinking that nothing had changed. After speaking to my manager she showed me how I can see on my schedule if I was placed at a new location and sent me on my way. This unfortunately caused me to be very late but after explaining my story to the leaders at Port Orleans they were very understanding. They were able to show me around and let me finish out my day with them.

In Epcot we stand at a cart all day or are apart of the kitchen which restocks the carts. It is more of a demanding environment where you are always doing something because thousands of guests are at the park everyday. In River Side the environment is way more relaxed probably due to the fact that it’s only really busy times are breakfast. Once 10 o’clock hits most of the people who stay at the resort are either out at the parks or enjoying the sunny weather outside. It was a nice change of pace and really allowed me to get to know the coworkers that were deployed as well. We were all very confused at first and weren’t to sure on what we had to do and where everything was located, but we were able to really stick together and try to make the best out of our situation. Even though I was very nervous to start at a new location almost directly after my training was done at Epcot I am greatful for the opportunity to see what it is like to work at other locations.

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