Weekly Journal #3

I have just completed my second full week of training and now I have more of an understanding of how much work is really being asked of me. When first beginning my training I was not completely sure of what exactly I was going to do in Epcot but I was very excited to work in a park that I have never been to before. On the first day of training, Discovery Day, the leaders take you around the park and show you all the work locations you will be training at. From my understanding we get trained at all of the locations but once fully trained they will keep you in one zone of the park.

After the fun of Discovery Day the real work began. We were issued our costumes and the next day scheduled to come on and start training at one of the food carts. My first trainer’s name was Ben. He is a very sweet man and knowledgeable of almost everything outdoor vending. His training concept was to throw us into the lions nest and help when needed. He did go over the basics and where exactly we can find everything but that was it. I did really appericate this type of training due to the fact that I am more on a hands on learner, so this allowed me to really dive into my work and get myself a nice flow.

For the next few day I had the same trainer and was performing a lot of the same tasks. On the last day they assigned me to train in the kitchen. This is where the Mickey pretzels, speciality popcorn, turkey legs and other various quick to make foods are stored and prepared. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen because of its laid back atmosphere. When on stage you are constantly aware of your self and your surrounding because you have to keep up with the Disney image. In the kitchen you have a little bit of time to collect yourself before entering the stage area again to bring the refills of the foods to the carts.

My last day of training, assessment day, will be this up coming Monday. After I pass my assessment I will be able to work at the carts by myself and handle my own money. I do have high hopes for this day and but still very nervous on the outcome. From what I Ave been told it is a simple assessment and will go over the topics that almost all of my trainers have been preparing me for. Now I just have to try my best and take pride in all that I have learned thus far. image image

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