Weekly Reflective Journal #2

This is my second week here at the WDWCP. After traditions, I’m finally in training. I’m currently earning my ears now. I was a bit scared to be working in a park that I’ve never been to until I started training on site, because of the questions I would be bombarded with by Disney guests. Luckily, I have gotten a few tours by different trainers which have really helped me get to know Hollywood Studios a little better. My training is coming to an end tomorrow. Today would be my first night training. I’m a little nervous, but I think I’ll be okay. Since this is my first week as a park greeter, I really took into consideration what having an emotional connection with guests are. It’s honestly just making conversation with them and making them feel important. As these guests would be let into the park, I would make conversation with them and I notice them smile. That really made me feel good inside. If a guest was having a bad morning and was heading to the park, I am the person letting them in and I would want to be that person to help them have a good rest of the day.

This has been my second week of Disney classes. There was another set back this week, for some reason my name wasn’t showing up on the roster for the professor. Luckily, I contacted the department of disney education and they were able to solve it within the day. Apparently, the person who filed my payment forgot to complete the process. However, everyone makes mistakes and I’m just glad that this one was resolved. My two classes are Human Resources Management and Advanced Studies in Hospitality. I have the same professor for both classes. Professor Campbell is amazing, I really like her teaching technique and her personality. She breaks things down and gives real life stories in order for us to understand and relate to. I enjoy both of the classes greatly.

I also just registered to become a Disney VoluntEAR and is excited to continue the volunteer work I was doing back in New York.


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