Reflective Photo Journal #3


This week has been a very challenging week because my training days had ended.  This photo on the right is my first bed that I made by myself, I have to say that at first it was really difficult, I could not believe how many steps have to be done to make a bed at a hotel. today is my second day ramping up, I was supposed to have only four rooms to make on my second day, but due to the Valentine’s weekend we had a lot of check outs and we were really busy. So I ended up having six rooms three check outs and three occupied. Eight hours shift may sounds a long time to do six rooms but actually it is not enough time. Just to do one check out room it took me like two hours to have it done, so three rooms was six hours and remember that I only had eight hours so there was two left to do the other three. Today was a difficult day but thank God I had some help from my coordinator she helped me finish on time. The reason why it takes me like two hours to do a check out room is because we have to leave the room like nobody else was there before. The upcoming guest have to feel and see the room like in a new welcoming and fresh environment where they can enjoy their vacation and immerse their life into a fantasy life away from reality.

Disney main’s  goal is to immerse their guest into a fantasy that will create a lifetime experience for them while their stay here at Walt Disney World. For example, the four keys is an good way to explain how Disney provide the excellent service that they have been providing and will continue to provide on and on. I am sure this company will continue to grow in the future, because the service their provide is exceptional. Just to give you some ideas of how big is this company, Disney owns a huge part of Orlando plus their other location internationally that makes this organization a worldwide known company. I am so proud to be a cast member of this company.

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