Read and React #2

“Safe D Begins with me”. This phrase has been burned into our minds every second they get the chance to and all for good reason. Safety is also the main and first key in “The Four Keys”. At Disney they take the safety of their guests and employees very seriously. With a park as big in size there has to be safety precautions to get people out quickly and efficiently with the least amount of chaos possible.

I have only been through the first few days of training at my site in Epoct, so I know there is more safety measures that I will need to learn once fully trained for quick service. Throughout the online training they had taken me threw some of the safety tips but I have learned the most during my in the park training. For example “code 25” means fire, this is when we will all have to take our part to escort our guests out safely.

I work in outdoor food and the weather is consistently and issue for people in our position. While we do have large umbrellas to keep us dry, these devices do not extend over every part of our station. In some locations the equipment is closed enough to keep the rain and leaves from contaminating the food but for the most part we have to cover all of the equipment and keep in a safe but secure distance from our stand. At the stand where we sell our frozen Coke products there is no protection against rain as well as metal bars directly above you. At this cart you are advised to cover the cash register and step within the “lightening room” to keep safe from any kind of down pour.

“We believe that every incident is preventable and that everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining safe environments and safe situations,  all of the time”. I know that to do my part to keep everyone safe is to be up to date with the safety procedures and when I see something say something. This can’t stop natural disasters but I will know what to do when one occurs.

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