Reflective Photo Journal #2


This second week of my magic journal here at Disney has been full of excitements. I wanted to share this beautiful photo because I cannot describe the feeling and experience I had when I saw the castle right in front of me for the first time. It was a feeling of fantasy but at the same time knowing that I was standing up in front of someone’s imagination that converted into a reality. While I was there I couldn’t even tell if I was dreaming or seeing something that is actually real.

Also, today Friday was my first day of training at my hotel, the resort I am working is Art of Animation Resort. This resort is based on four of the movies from Disney animations movies, each building tells a story. It is amazing to see how these imaginers created a story on each and every step you walk around the resort. First, during my orientation I was amazed to see photos and videos but when I went in the resort and saw it in person all my expectations were so behind of what I expecting to experience. It is true the phrase that says “First impression is what counts” because that first impression will last a lifetime in my memory. I’m even thinking on bringing my kids in the future (of course when I have them), and of course I will try to enjoy to the fullest this stage of my life.

Next week will be my first week working by myself, I will post a very special photo of my first work here at Disney. I hope this photo impress all who sees it. I can’t wait to post another memorable picture!.     

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