Weekly Reflective Journal #3

I started my on the job training on Tuesday February 2nd, my trainer’s name was Scott and he was a very good resource and leader. I had 4 days of training, all 4 days I was in the vacation planning booths, making transactions and helping guests while my trainer was always next to me if I needed any help. I got all types of transactions, from military tickets to upgrades. I realized vacation planning is a very hard role but it’s rewarding. We have a rewards program called The Magic Carpet Club. This is how it works, a one day base ticket equals 10 points, but if they add the park hopper option it equals 250 points. It’s an incentive for you to tell guests about the different tickets we have. At the end of the month, all your points add up and you get gift cards according to what you sold.

FullSizeRender [101754]

On the 5th day I got my assessment. A cast member other than my trainer had to be the one to judge. She watched me during my whole shift and graded me on the 4 steps of “Selling Relationship Magic”, something we learned at the core classes. Receiving, Understanding, Helping and Keeping. We need to follow those guidelines in order to help our guests find the best fit tickets. I also had to take a quiz of 50 multiple choices, which I only got 4 wrongs. My leaders were very impressed on how much I learned in 4 days and they told me I was so ready to start on my own. Finally the red tag of earning my ears was taken off and I have never felt so proud and confident.

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These are the vacation planning booths at Animal Kingdom, where I work and spend most of my time. And since I’m the first interaction guests get when they walk into the park, I need to answer all their questions, from what’s the most popular ride? to where do they have butterflies?. So I visited Animal Kingdom during my own time and I loved it! I plan on visiting it again and learning more about what will be my park for the next 4 months.

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