Read and React #1

All companies have their own way of training their new employees, but they also have one thing in common and this is to acknowledge their new staffs on the most important thing which is try to make then love the company and to work with pride because they want them to last for the longest with the company, because every new hire is an expense on the company’s budget. Also, each company have many ways to teach their new hires how to follow the rules needed to work in a successfully and happy environment . For example, based on the “Created Company Loyalty with New-hire practices” they believe that all new employees need to become integrated with the rules and existing staff in order to start performing their job in the right way. In addition, they also emphasize that it is always good to  portrait and tell a personal  story because they believe that this will help them to become bonded more quickly as well as to develop company loyalty right from the beginning.

In Disney they have a very different and unique way on training their new cast member. For example, since I arrived in Disney property I always feel like I am in constantly training because they link every single context into one which is the four keys. They say that no matter how you perform your work if you follow these four keys anyone can be able to provide the best and an exceptional  guest service in the world. Basically what Disney do is that they summarize all the rules into four, so that the new Cast Member don’t feel like it is too much to handle, but in the real world the leaders know that in reality it is a lot of responsibility to just carry a Disney name tag. So, Disney use the four keys to teach us to always be safe on everything we do at all the time, and to have courtesy no matter who the guest is. Also, to always remember whenever we have our customs we have to stay on show meaning performing our role in the best manner possible, and lastly, always work with efficiency. In order to work with efficiency we have to keep in mind we are here to create happiness and magic, and in addition, to work smart not hard. Disney also tells stories about the company to bond us up more but it is different than other companies I have worked for. They way they portrait their stories is not for us to look at the past, it is for us to look  forward and to teach us how successful wen can become in the future. Working for this company is one thing I will try to take advantage of, because I know this magical experience will last me a lifetime.

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