Weekly journal #11

After my family left is going back to reality. I miss them so much already, and now that I extended now I have to wait three more months to see them. I needed to see them because they reminded me why I’m here a get me back on track. I had been really stressed with work and school. I’m so excited about this week coming up. I’m getting trained for auto plaza. Auto plaza hours are so much better; closing shift is 7:30, which is great. This job is for people that have cars because it’s on the entrance to get in the parking. The more roles I do and experience, I feel like it’s going to help for my future.

I started school again this week. We continue on working on our group projects and it’s going just fine. I love how I been staying on track on my assignments. I can’t believe I have three more weeks of both classes. But I’m glad that the classes end early. Now that I extended I could work more and get to explore more outside of Orlando.

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  1. I went home to visit my friends and family, at first it was an adjustment from what I became used to here in Florida but by the end of my visit I did not want to leave. Seeing friends and family is always a great reminder of why you came here and why you are doing your program.

    Getting trained in as many roles as possible is a great way to learn more about the company, which is why I decided to extend my program into a different role and location.

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