Journal #6

I feel time has gone very quickly, it seems almost bitter-sweet because a part of me wants to run back home and the other wants to stay in beautiful Florida.

This week at All-Star it has not been as busy as usual, it seems like everyone’s spring break is over and is slowing down. At All- Star Sports there has been many large teams checking-in, yesterday we had at least ten teams checking-in. Although having a team is a great opportunity for the All-Star business it is also a continuous issue. Many of these teams have a lot of liberty, with that being said many of them run around unsupervised and are often very loud and often say profanity. This is a big issue since many of the “regular” guest have small children who really don’t need to be hearing that, to make matters worse this also means buses to parks and other Disney property will be twice as full. I had a family who politely asked to change resort due to the insanity of staying right next to a team. If you ask me this seems a bit unfair to the regulars who come here to relax and forget the worries but this seems a bit harder when teams are around.

Another downside to having teams is while checking them in, not only is the lobby fun and very noisy but it’s also very time consuming. A coach usually comes shows his/her ID and then I look them up through their group code which tells me how many rooms and the primary adult in the room. I then retrieve the Magic Bands from the rack and check and see which rooms are ready. Then I have to hand out their tickets, if they are not on the bands already. I don’t mind checking-in a team but what bothers me is the lack of assistance by the FSA’s ( Assistant Manager) because they are not very helpful. Very often they mind being asked a question and give a very vague response which leads you in “charge” of the situation, the downside is if you make a mistake the front desk cashier will be held accountable.

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