Reflective Photo Journal #7

This past weekend was Easter weekend! As expected with the addition of the Easter baskets, the store was very busy but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. The leaders and coordinators kept our morale up and I don’t think most of us were stressed despite the increase in volume at our shop. I loved all the creative daily activities our shop and our dining hall, Landscape of Flavors, created for Easter. Like many other merchandise shops, we offered premade and custom-made Easter baskets and totes for the guests to surprise others with on Easter day. We also had the Easter Bunny walk around the shop with a basket full of mystery pins for the pin trading fanatics! Landscape of Flavors held a egg spoon relay race, Easter dance party, and an egg hunt! My favorite position when working was at registers 1 and 2 because I got to watch the happy kids dance and run around finding eggs. They also held karaoke sessions from 9-11PM over the whole weekend so I was able to hear the kids (and adults!) sing “Let It Go” about 15 times every night, which I loved joining in on.


Goodies from my DAAR family on Easter Sunday!

It’s incredible how many families decide to spend their Easter here at Disney of all places. Parents really look to us to make this a special holiday for their family, especially for their kids. Although we were unable to do this particular service at our resort, a friend of mine mentioned that at her resort, they did an “Easter drop off” at 6:00AM the day of Easter Sunday. For each family that had a basket made, they would drop off the basket outside their door, knock on their door, and run away. She said although she had to get to work so early, it was worth it hearing the excited cheers of the children screaming, “The Easter Bunny was here!” Although work can be stressful for many of our cast members and we may not always get the most pleasant guests, I think the amount of guests we have that are truly grateful for our services outweigh them. Hearing a genuine,  “thank you so much,” and seeing a child’s face light up makes all the work we go through worth it.

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