weekly journal #10

IMG_0729This week had been amazing! My family is here and I feel like I’m back home. We had gone to Epcot and it was wonderful, they loved it. I got them fast passes for mission space, test track, and spaceship earth. We went to Morocco in the world showcase and the food was really good. The advantage I have is that I have a few co-workers that also work in the countries. So when they saw that I was with my family, they had giving us free stuff like drinks, merchandise and snacks, It has been really fun. I’m planning on bringing my family to all the four parks. The bad thing is that two of them are blocked out because of Easter so they have to pay out of packet. I was able buy discounted ticket, they are a little less than the original priced tickets.

So I decided to stay, I just love it here. This is so different from New York. Now instead of leaving May 15, I will be leaving on July 31st. I love my job and my coordinator its going to train me for auto plaza. She wants me to know how to do parking, auto plaza, and park greeter. Another thing that is also great is that the friends that I have met are also extending. We are planning to be roommates. I also extended because when I get back I have no job, I left my old job and I don’t want to go back. So the more experience I have it’s better for looking a job back home.

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  1. Keriann says:

    I’m so happy you’re family is here to visit you! It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with them and it’s great you were able to take advantage of the perks of having friends who work there! Will you be doing one park each day or doubling up on a day?

    I’m also very excited that you’ve decided to extend! I also love it here and it’s been very tempting to stay. I can tell that you’re truly happy in your role here and it’s an awesome opportunity for you, especially since your coordinator will be giving you more responsibility. Many of my friends who’ve decided to extend will also be staying in their roles because they’ll be trained for more duties and also just because they love the people they work with. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time here in the summer!

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