Next week is Thanksgiving. It is bitter sweet. I am happy that the holiday is coming up because that means the program is almost over ! 🙂 But I am sad I wont be able to spend the holiday with my family. I am making Thanksgiving dinner for all my friends. I am making the bird and everyone els is bring a side dish. It should be very cute. Were gonna play some games and go around the table and say what we are thankfull for. There going to be 17 of us!!! I have no idea how many lbs I should cook! I need to start looking into how to actually cook a full turkey and how much I should be making. This is going to be my first time making a turkey all on my own. I am nervous that it wont turn out nice but we have a spiral ham just incase I really do a terrible job. I have off that day so I will be able to spend all day figuring it out. We are eating at 9 pm so hopefully by noon I will know what my plan will be. I have only one week of classes left !!! THAT IS AWESOME. Class here is so strange. My one teacher Debi seriously has a distrorted view on what a college class room is like. Its going to be so nice to have both my classes behind me.

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  1. It is now the day after Thanksgiving, I hope your feast was everything you wish it to be.

    Could you explain the statement “seriously has a distrorted view on what a college class room is like” and state which Debi teaches. Thanks.

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