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Fantasmic was so much fun ! I am so happy I picked up that shift. I got paid to watch the whole show ! It was really awesome. My shift was short and sweet and the job was a cake walk. All I had to do was hand popcorn from one side of the counter to the guest. So easy! The only downfall to my shift was the girl I was working with. She was quite rude and did not give me any mercy. No one explained to me what my duites were and she freaked out on me mid show. It was embaressing for her mainly. After it is all said and done I will not be picking up another shift at Fantasmic but I am very glad I gave it a chance. 🙂

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  1. Please clarify some things for me:
    What is Fantasmic?
    Were you working quick service F&B?
    What do you think should have happened to better prepare you for the role?
    Who should have prepared you?

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