Computer Systems Technology

Yu-Wen Chen Smart Grid (scheduling for the Electric Vehicle, customer behavior, renewable energy resources), Cloud Computing, Big Data Optimization, Information Security. N-913
Ossama Elhadary Research interests include all aspects of electronic commerce, technology adoption, and computer networks. N-913
Marcos S. Pinto Client/Server Programming, Semantic Web, Web Services, Intelligent Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems N-1026
Ashwin Satyanarayana Big Data and Data Analytics; Data Mining and Machine Learning with applications in Real World Learning Problems N-913

4 thoughts on “Computer Systems Technology”

  1. I am a transfer student and new to the computer science program. I would like to know the requirements to be part of the research projects. Thank you.

    1. As Prof. Khatchadourian said above, the best way to connect with a mentor is to reach out to them directly, either via email or office hours.

      Good luck with your research endeavors!

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