Research Mixer 2/24

From Associate Provost Reginald Blake:

Students, would you like to meet faculty mentors, learn about their research projects, and work with a faculty mentor on a research project?

Members of the faculty, would you like to engage City Tech students in your research projects as research mentees?  Would you like to meet a cohort of our best, our brightest, and our most promising students ?  

Are you interested in learning more about funded research opportunities at City Tech ?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then please join us virtually¬†on¬†Thursday, February 24, 2022¬†from¬†12:45 – 2:00 PM for the¬†24th semi-annual Research Mixer¬†Event (via Zoom),¬†hosted by City Tech’s Undergraduate Research Committee and the Black Male Initiative Program.¬†You¬†will not leave the session disappointed! Please share this invitation with faculty and students, and please¬†encourage them to join in exploring¬†the tremendous research resources¬†that City Tech offers.

See you on Thursday, 2/24 !!

Workshops Schedule, Spring 2022

Undergraduate researchers must attend four workshops. Returning researchers must complete four workshops. If you have already completed all workshops and do not wish to participate in them again please contact Prof. Hamid Norouzi, ‚ÄĒ SUBJECT Line: workshop alternatives, to discuss alternate activities to fulfill this requirement.

All workshops are online for Spring 2022

Time Management
(Zoom link–no registration)
CUNY Creative Arts Team (CAT)March 10, 1-2 PM
Being a Professional
Profs. Gregory and WalljasperMarch 14, 12-1 PM
Presenting Yourself Online
The OpenLab TeamMarch 17, 1-2 PM
Research Types and Methods Panel
Profs. Gregory, Kim, and RahmanMarch 24, 1-2 PM
Advancing Library Research Techniques
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration 4-5pm)
Profs. Berger and LeonardMarch 30, 1-2 PM
March 30, 4-5 PM
Writing Abstracts for Research Projects
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
Profs. ElHitti and BannettMarch 31, 1-2 PM March 31, 4-5 PM
ePortfolios for Academic and Career Advancement
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
iTECApril 6, 1-2 PM April 6, 4-5 PM
Designing a Research Poster Presentation
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
Profs. Davide, Alcendor, and XiaoApril 14 1-2 PM
April 14 4-5 PM
Academic Works for Student Posters
Prof. Berger April 26, 1-2 PM

May 28 Event: CRSP Town Hall on COVID and Global Equity

CUNY Research Scholars Program is offering an exciting program on May 28!
Register Here

COVID-19 Outbreak World Map per Capita
Rapha√ęl Dunant, Gajmar (maintainer), CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This town hall event, featuring speakers from Brazil, Egypt, Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, and the United States, will be of interest to undergraduate researchers and their mentors, particularly those interested in how the pandemic has affected people in less affluent countries as well as disadvantaged groups in the United States (for example, the incarcerated).
As rich countries vaccinate their populations and prepare to reopen, many poorer countries and vulnerable populations in the US are struggling for vaccine access. On Friday, May 28th, the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) will host a Town Hall event to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and global equity issues. 
This forum will consist of three panels and include speakers from Brazil, Egypt, Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, and the United States. The US speakers will address vaccine access issues among migrants at the US borders, people in US prisons and jails, and vulnerable populations in US cities.  Speakers will also address the gendered impacts of COVID-19, especially in Venezuela and Colombia. 
Please click here for an updated version of the flyer, which contains the schedule of panels, speaker bios, and a registration link.
An abbreviated version of the flyer is attached.
This event is free and open to everyone. Please circulate widely within your networks. All faculty, administrators, students, and members of the community are encouraged to attend.
We hope to see you on May 28th! 

Apply for the Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award 2019

Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award 2019
Sponsored by the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research

The Carl Couch Center issues an international call for student-authored papers to be considered for Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award. The Couch Center welcomes both theoretical and empirical papers that apply symbolic interactionist approaches to internet studies.

According to basic symbolic interactionist premises, what we understand as self, identity, relationship, and cultural formations are constructed dialogically and interactively.¬† While the works of George H. Mead, Georg Simmel, Erving Goffman and other leading symbolic interactionists have been integral to the study of social interaction, Carl Couch was among the first from this tradition to suggest the importance of engaging in the study of mediated interaction. It is critical that symbolic interactionists move boldly forward, beyond Couch’s initial suggestion, to study what has become for many a dominant form of communication in their everyday life.

Whether we research identities, emotion, memory, family, work, career, presentations of self, deception, love, loss or other areas, the impact of mediated communication is felt by those interacting within it.¬† As internet-related media continue to influence our everyday interactions–not only with other people but also with technologies, devices, algorithms, platform parameters, and so forth–it becomes crucial for symbolic interactionists to attend to the role of these mediating factors in the interaction process.

We encourage any paper that uses a symbolic interactionist approach in internet studies. We also encourage papers that explore the interface between deliberate social interaction and structured (or automated) interactions sponsored or enacted by various technological features, exploring not only how identities, relations, and social formations are negotiated through social interactions, but also how these interactions are mediated further through the use or capacities of various technologies.

Papers will be evaluated based on the quality of (1) mastery of symbolic interactionist approaches and concepts, (2) originality, (3) organization, (4) presentation, and (5) advancement of knowledge. Those contemplating entering should note that an interactionist approach demands thoughtful analysis, and not mere description, of social interactions. Evaluation will be administered by a Review Committee of:

Dr. Camille Johnson-Yale, Lake Forest College, Illinois

Dr. Lois Scheidt, Indiana University, Bloomington

Dr. Shing-Ling Sarina Chen, University of Northern Iowa

Competition is open to graduate or undergraduate students of all disciplines. Works that are published or accepted for publication are not eligible for award consideration. Entries should be in English and not exceed 30 pages (approximately 7500 words) in length, including references and appendices. Limit of one entry per student per year.

*Winner of the award will receive a monetary prize of $300.00*.

Candidates should send a copy of their paper electronically, along with information concerning the location and level of their studies, to Shing-Ling Sarina Chen,  Application deadline is April
15, 2019.

Notification of award will be sent by November 1, 2019.

Those with questions or comments about Couch Award application, please


Shing-Ling Sarina Chen
Lang Hall 326
Dept. of Communication Studies
Univ. of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Student Undergraduate Researchers: make a home for your poster in Academic Works!

Students participating in City Tech’s various undergraduate research, honors, and  emerging scholars initiatives are invited and encouraged to submit their posters to CUNY Academic Works. Academic Works preserves your poster and, more importantly, provides you a stable link to your work that you can add to your resume, CV, or portfolio!

What is CUNY Academic Works? CUNY Academic Works is an online repository of research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the CUNY community. All content in CUNY Academic Works is freely available to everyone, and if
someone searches your name or research topic using Google, there’s a good chance your work will be in the search results! step-by-step guide to submitting to Academic Works for student posters

This poster won 1st place for outstanding group research project in the spring 2018 Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation. Academic Works provides a permanent virtual home for the poster and makes it easy to find the poster via Google.

Group research team poster winner, Spring 2018

Group research team poster winner, Spring 2018

Winning poster for group research as it appears in Academic Works
Winning poster for group research as it appears in Academic Works



Questions? Contact me! Prof. Monica Berger More information available at

Undergraduate Research on Display

Many members of the City Tech community haven’t been on campus since the end of the Spring 2018 semester. If that includes you, that means you have yet to see the Undergraduate Research exhibit at the library. Be sure to stop and learn more about undergraduate research at City Tech at the exhibit on the 4th floor of the Library building (formerly the Atrium building).

Title and samples from UR exhibitUR poster exhibitThe exhibit is the work of several inspiring City Tech students, as well as faculty and staff from the Library, the Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation Session, the Faculty Commons, the Office of the Provost, the Director of Undergraduate Research, and the Undergraduate Research Committee.

Research Mixer Thursday Sept 14, 12:30-2:30pm, N119


Image: The 15th Semi-Annual Research Mixer Flyer


Yes, you can be a researcher! Come find out about exciting research opportunities for you.

Please join us for refreshments!

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017
12:30 – 2:30 PM


Math and STEM undergraduate summer research projects (MSEIP)

Dear Colleagues,
As a part of the collaborative MSEIP grant with BMCC (funded by the Department of Education) we have funds in the City Tech budget to support undergraduate student research projects to be conducted over the summer. 
We have $42000 in the City Tech budget to recruit 28 students for summer research projects, along with their faculty mentors. 
Each faculty mentor is expected to develop appropriate undergraduate research projects and can advise up to 2 students. The faculty can recruit the students directly but if they need help recruiting students, they can contact me. 
Each student researcher will receive $1000 stipend upon successful completion of the summer research project, which will involve giving a short presentation at a local conference (either at City Tech or BMCC). Each participating faculty mentor will receive $500 in summer salary for each student they supervise. 
Faculty and student applications are due by April 24. Please let your students know about this summer research opportunity, and if you are interested in advising students, please let me know and we’ll go from there.¬†
Below you will find additional guidelines regarding international students. Please note that interested students must meet the guidelines in either A or B described below.
A.  US citizens or Green Card holders (permanent residents) are eligible to receive a student stipend.  
B.  For non-US Citizens, additional information about eligibility can be found at the US Department of Education website:
Best Regards,
Boyan Kostadinov
bkostadinov (at)
MSEIP Student Research Coordinator