Scholarships and Fellowships!

From CUNY’s Tuesday Brief:


Check out these Scholarships & Fellowships:

BASTA Fellowship: If you’re a first-generation college student, apply to get additional support through the job search process (deadline 3/12/21)

NYC Summer Bridge for All Coach: If you went to NYC public high school, get paid to support high school seniors through their transition after graduation (deadline 3/17/21)

New York Women in Communications Scholarship: Earn a scholarship and access to professional development, mentoring, and a diverse community of communications professionals (deadline 3/19/21)

CUNY Cultural Corps: Get matched with a paid internship in the cultural/arts sector just for CUNY students (deadline 4/5/21)

Don Lavoie Fellowship: Learn about political economy while earning a stipend and research support through this online fellowship (deadline 4/15/21)

Looking for food-related interships and jobs?

If you’re interested in making a career in the food-related industry, whether in the kitchen, the front of the house, or maybe not in the house at all but instead writing for a food magazine, doing outreach in the community, or working in the field (literally), where do you go to find internships and jobs? You might find what you’re looking for at Good Food Jobs. You can browse job and internship listings for positions across the country at, and they even have a mobile version for easy smartphone browsing. Want more? Follow @goodfoodjobs on Twitter. Not ready yet for a job or internship? Reading the Good Food Jobs blog might help get you ready for that day in the not-too-distant future when you’re ready to apply. Hands-on experience is hugely valuable when you want to apply for a job post-graduation, as is an awareness of trends in the field (this time I don’t mean a farm). Good luck!