Workshop: Using OpenLab for your Research Project

various tools: a stethoscope, wrench, pliers, magnifying glass, drawing compass, whisk, and tape measure

Updated Date! 3/19/24

This semester’s workshops are off to a successful start, thanks to the effort of the workshop leaders and organizers, and of course to the curious and lively student participants!

Next in the workshop schedule is Using OpenLab for your Research Project, led by Prof. Reitz and Prof. Rosen, from the OpenLab Team, who will support student researchers by showing how to communicate about and display research via OpenLab.

Register for Using OpenLab for Your Research Project and join online on Tuesday, 3/19, 1:00-2:00PM.

If you haven’t already, you may want to take the time to sign up for an OpenLab account before the workshop so you can log in and get started!

Did you attend the workshop? Share your reflections directly with the workshop leaders.

Reflection for Using OpenLab for Your Research Project Workshop

You can view the slides from the workshop.

Photo credit: “The Right Tool” by Emily via Flickr under the license CC BY-NC 2.0 Deed.

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