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Faculty Mentors work with students to carry out research.  Look through the list below to find mentors in the disciplines and fields that fit your research interest. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a faculty member whose research interests are consistent with your own.

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School abbreviations:
AS: Arts and Sciences
PS: Professional Studies
TD: Technology and Design

ProfessorResearch InterestEmailDepartment
AcquavivaAnalysis of the properties of distant galaxies; big data, machine learning and data mining for astronomical data sets.vacquaviva@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
AdomaitisAnalyzing sexual objectification of women/men in luxury advertising (ie. Gucci, Channel, Armani) advertising and using semi-structured interviews to collect data on consumer perceptionsaadomaitis@citytech.cuny.eduBUSINESS
Alatristesecond language writing, classroom methodologies, academic discourse lalatriste@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
AlcendorCell survival and longevity factors, stress resistant mechanisms and cell signaling molecules.ralcendor@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
AllahverdiStructural Design, Optimization, and Control | High Performance Concrete Testing | Scientific Computation Techniques nhajiallahverdipur@citytech.cuny.eduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
Azarderakhshapplications of remote sensing in various environmental and climate studies such as monitoring lakes water quality, global land surface temperature, studying wetlands, Freezet/Thaw maazarderakhsh@citytech.cuny.eduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
AlmondResearch includes: scale validation for self-care behaviors of women enrolled in graduate programs; the effects of microaggression on self-compassion, health promotion, and professional empowerment; and racial identity and attributions of race in the processing of disease-risk messages targeting Black Americans.aalmond@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
AmannTrends in Radiologic Technology, Culture and Diversity in Health Care, Virtual and augmented reality in Radiology, Competency-Based Education, Ethical issues of social media usage in Health Care.Lamann@citytech.cuny.eduRADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL IMAGING
AnzaloneResearch in design, engineering and prototyping active facade systems incorporating novel material and processes.panzalone@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
AptekarCurrent research includes high-performance architecture (?green and passive architecture?) and structures including their construction assemblies and materials. Also development of building information modeling (BIM) and related collaborative and interoperability processes.aaptekar@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
BanksVisual Culture of the African Diaspora, Caribbean art and culture, African American art and culture, public/street art with an emphasis on murals, racialized geographiesdbanks@citytech.cuny.eduAFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES
Bayaz OzturkPoverty, Income Inequality, Income mobilitygbayazozturk@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
Beita SolanoVirtual Reality (VR); Photo-realistic 3D Rendering; Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Architecture; The Architecture of Le Corbusier; Experiencing Architecture Space through Virtual Reality; Light and Shadow in Architectureebeitasolano@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
BelliMy interdisciplinary research interests include utopian studies / science fiction; positive psychology / happiness studies; writing studies / composition and rhetoric / professional and technical writing; digital humanities; education / pedagogy; cultural studies. I also help direct three digital projects, which all involve work in coding, data entry, network analysis, data visualization, usability / user experience, and design: 1) City Tech's OpenLab (; 2) the Writing Studies Tree (; 3) the digital presence of the Society for Utopian Studies (
BenakliGeometric group theory. Graph theory. Linear algebranbenakli@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
BergerScholarly publishing and communications including open access, peer review, predatory publishing, and equity for scholars in the Global South.mberger@citytech.cuny.eduLIBRARY
BermanSuperconductivity, super-fluidity, spontaneous coherence.oberman@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
BernardProjects which involve international business, risk management, and structured finance. Interest in projects which explore the ways in which economics blends together human values, politics, rationality and irrationality; more specifically, how this interplay reveals itself in society at large.lbernard@citytech.cuny.eduBUSINESS
BlairMolecular Systematics, Phylogenomics and Historical Biogeography, Landscape Genomics, eDNA Metabarcodingcblair@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Blake (Associate Provost)Satellite Remote Sensing of the Environment, Hydro-climatology, and Tropical Meteorology: Hurricanesrblake@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
BooneArt history, African American art history, history of photography, art and visual Culture of the African Diaspora, Caribbean art, African Canadian art historyecboone@citytech.cuny.eduAFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES
BouratoglouChronological study of the construction of a single family house in Brooklyn, NY.Jbouratoglou@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
BoyleResearch focuses on the history of the Middle East and North Africa as well as the social history of medicine and disease.sboyle@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
BrahimiFuel Cell Technology, Composite Material, Vibration SimulationMBrahimi@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
CalinescuAlgebra, Combinatorics, Representation theory of Lie algebrasccalinescu@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
CaprusoClinical neuropsychologydcapruso@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
CarrHow to get clean and perceptively similar color in both print and non-print graphic communications media.LCarr@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
CarranzaSoftware Defined ... (Networking, Storage, Computing), cloud computing and networking, cybersecurity, Big Dataacarranza@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
CatapanoResearch focuses on the social and cultural life of immigrants to the US during the 20th century.ÿ Special interests include comparing representations of early 20th century and post-1965 immigration.pcatapano@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
ChenSmart Grid (scheduling for the Electric Vehicle, customer behavior, renewable energy resources), Cloud Computing, Big Data Optimization, Information Security.ywchen@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
ChengIntersections of science, aesthetics, and art; production and reception of early modern caricature and comic art; history of photography.scheng@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
ChinThe development, history, and significance of the Brooklyn Civic Center and speculations on its future.tchin@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
ChoMental and Physical health disparities among minority population especially in elders/Stress management and coping with chronic stressorsscho@citytech.cuny.eduHUMAN SERVICES
Conzelmannglobal environmental health and societal well-being, urban design and sustainability, architecture and design, materials and construction, passive house and smart buildingskconzelmann@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
Corujo-Martin Hispanic literature and culture; Hispanic women's cultural production; visual and material culture; fashion history (within Hispanic contexts); transatlantic & transnational studiesicorujomartin@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
DavideOral/dental health, dental products, infection control, occupational hazards, infection control, disease transmission and prevention.sdavide@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
DeinerElectrochemistry, Spectroscopy, Reactions related to fuel cell catalysis and environmental remediationldeiner@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
DewanHuman Trafficking; Environmental Justice; Immigrant well-being (health and mental health, right to work, acculturation)sdewan@citytech.cuny.eduHUMAN SERVICES
DiazInterest includes issues of race, gender, class, and power in childhood, narrative approaches, child and adolescent mental health, social justice education k-higher ed, Latinx issues, school social work.mdiaz@citytech.cuny.eduHUMAN SERVICES
DikigoropoulouNY City Site Analysis Case Studiesldikigoropoulou@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
Dimino Preventative care, Healthcare Management, Ergonomics, Nutrition and Wellness, Healthcare Administrationmdimino@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
DoAs a linguist I mostly work with language. My research interests include first and second language acquisition, linguistic analysis of any language, any language-related topics, ESL, discourse analysis, and teacher education.ado@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
DuddyThe development, history, and significance of the Brooklyn Civic Center and speculations on its future.mduddy@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
EguesMentoring of registered nurses; professional and general incivility; health disparities; community and public health nursing; service learning; HIV/AIDS, chronic illness, ethical/moral reasoningaegues@citytech.cuny.eduNURSING
ElhadaryResearch interests include all aspects of electronic commerce, technology adoption, and computer networks.oelhadary@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
EliezerGreenhouse gas, sustainability, reporting, climate, biodiversity, landscaping, health, landscaping, corporate disclosure, environment, sustainability, land use, carbon, offsets, native plantshglickman@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
EvangelistaHuman Rights, Citizenship, Racialization (Race), Anti-Blackness, Sovereignty, Statecraft, Nationalism, Imperialism, Social Movements, Caribbean, African Diasporajevangelista@citytech.cuny.eduAFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES
FalveyUndergraduates to assist in producing the 2 Bridges Review, City Tech's first peer-reviewed literary arts magazine. Production will include: monitoring and helping to review submissions in all categories (art, poetry, fiction, nonfiction), helping to keep our website current, assisting with promotion and distribution of the magazine.kfalvey@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
FerrogliaTheoretical particles physics, LHC phenomenology, calculation of Feynman diagrams, resummation techniquesaferroglia@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
GailaniBiomechanics, Strength of Materials, Computational workggailani@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
GarrasteguiAs an avenue to the topic of design process, I have initiated a podcast as a form of data collection. In this podcast, I speak to designers, artists, writers, and more to discuss their methodologies. We discuss habits and reveal ideas and methods that the creative has never actualized before.ggarrastegui@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
GelmanNuclear and particle physics; physics of ultracold atomic clouds.bgelman@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
GengStatistical Signal Processing with its applications in areas such as signal detection and estimation, indoor positioning; big sensor data analytics in the Internet of Things; big data analytics across disciplines.lgeng@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
GholitabarRisk assessment of scour monitoring, Urban wind patterns and construction incidents risks, CFD of Urban wind, Data Analysis in energy usage, Machine Learning, Traffic & particulate matter (PM), otherSGholitabar@CityTech.Cuny.EduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
Ghosh-DastidarInfectious Disease Modeling, Biodiversity, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear Optimization for parameter estimationughosh-dastidar@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
GiannopoulouNext-generation Sequencing, Computational Genomics, Epigenomics Data Analysis, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, DNA methylation. Cancer genomics, Data analysis of epigenomics mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Programming/Web interfaces for genomics/proteomics, Information Visualization in Bioinformatics.egiannopoulou@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
GiraldoGraphic design and typography; innovative and experimental print methods, digital and analog distribution.AGiraldo@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
GoodisonCaribbean and Latin American Studies; Ethnic and Immigrant literature; Africana Studies; Popular Music and Culture; Oral Histories; Narrative Nonfiction (including Biography and Memoir; Travel and Nature Writing)cgoodison@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
Gregoryqualitative research methods, health disparities, public health, social aspects of genetics, social marketingkgregory@citytech.cuny.eduHEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION
GuidaCreative Writing, Literature, Ethnic Studies, Film and Popular Culturegguida@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
GurungInterested in heart health, health policy, HIV, technology, and eHealth HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION
GuzmanGreen Roofs, Transparent Soils, Laboratory Determination of Mechanical Properties of Soil, Rapid Penetration into SoilsIGuzman@citytech.cuny.eduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
HalleckDiscrete mathematics (including algebraic combinatorics), probability and statistics, simulation and applications in biology and social sciencesehalleck@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
Haynespublic health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, healthcare disparitiesahaynes@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
Hellman19th-21st century American Literature; Contemporary Ethnic American Writers; Urban Studies; Space and Place; Women Writerschellman@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
HerUnderstanding the intersection of culture, emotion and identity. Examining how the interaction of culture with these processes affects the psychological and physical well-being of the individual.pher@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
HossainNetwork Protocol, Quality of Service, Resource Allocation Algorithm for Optical-Wireless Network at the access level.ahossain@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
HuangA physical and statistical study of 36 years of weather history in NYC used to examine the impacts of climate change. ÿjhuang@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
IngrassiaAreas in radiologic technology specific to education. Research involves the effectiveness of allied health clinical instructors / preceptors from both the perspective of the clinical instructor and the student.jingrassia@citytech@cuny.eduRADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL IMAGING
JeyarajWriting and Visual Communication (STEM and other genres of writing visual communication involving technical and professional communication)JJeyaraj@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
JoshiNanoparticles, environmental chemistry, protein labeling, microscopy.vishwas.joshi77@login.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
JovanovicRenewable energy and nanomaterials for solar harvesting; Polyoxometalates and porphyrinoid molecules as photocatalysts for oxidation of organic compounds and for metal ion reduction.ijovanovic@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
KangBuilding energy simulation, High performance building, Indoor environmental quality analysis, HVAC systems design, and Ventilationdkang@citytech.cuny.eduENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
KaoMain general interest is in behaviors associated with stress and learningtkao@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
KarthikeyanMolecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases like Dystonia, and Parkinson?slkarthikeyan@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
KennedyMathematics education and Teacher Educationnkennedy@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
KhosraviArtificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Cancer Research, Clinical Data Analysis, Computational Biology, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Pathology and Radiology Image Analysispkhosravi@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Kim, E.Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Hotel/Airlines/Casino/Food Service Management, Electronic Commerce & Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behaviorehkim@citytech.cuny.eduHOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT
Kim, J.Simulating environment for high performance buildings; urban microclimate analysis; integrated design for energy and efficiencyJkim@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
KingRoebling ?Before the Bridge?: examines the early work of John Augustus Roebling and the innovations that led to the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. ?Master Planning for an under serviced community?: the development of a master plan vision study and the design of a visitor center to assist the Town of Mamakating New York to rebrand themselves as a recreational center by taking advantage of the historic significance of the route of the D & H Canal, two railroad easements and the Long Path and Shawangunk Ridge Trail hiking paths. Related to my primary area of research the D & H Canal included the construction of 4 Roebling Suspension Aqueducts.pking@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
KlimiApplied Math and Physics in the Military Sciencesgklimi@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
KolmakovCondensed matter physics; computational physics, graphics processing units computations.gkolmakov@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
KostadinovApplied Fourier calculus with applications to Medical Imaging, Signal and Image Processing, and Monte Carlo simulations with applications to finance, biology and physics.ÿbkostadinov@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
KwonSpectrum analysis, Digital filter design, DSP (Digital signal processing) algorithm implementation, Digital Design using FPGA, Control systemsokwon@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
LeeMultimedia health communication; Public health campaigns; Interactive health technologies (apps, wearables, etc.); Science museum exhibitions about health; Linguistic, cultural and economic determinants of healthdlee@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
Leng, L.fiber optics, optical system and network, fiber-based nonlinear deviceslleng@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
LestonWriting in electronic environments, particularly in the medium of video. Research into the study of the Film Essay; television storytelling and their applications to professional scholarship as well as undergraduate essays and journalism. Human, animal, technological relationships.rleston@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
Li, N.Projects in Data Mining and Numerical Analysis. The main goal of data mining is to extract unknown properties from collections of large amount of data. Some of the methods are closely related to Machine Learning.nli@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
Li, X.Robotics and control systems, embedded systems, wearable computing, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive radio mesh networks, and computer vision.xhli@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
LinFinancial economics, risk management, financial statement analysis, copula methods in finance.fxlin@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
LobelMedical Imaging and Informatics, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging and teaching methodologyelobel@citytech.cuny.eduRADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL IMAGING
MaRobotics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, ROS (Robotics Operating Systems), Coordinated Control, Visual Servoing, Visual TrackingLMa@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
MacDonaldResearch interests include public policy, labor market trends, and sustainable economic development and policy. I am also interested in examining the long-term impact of shifts in taxation and spending policies that have contributed to widening income inequality in the U.S. economy.smacdonald@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
MallerUnderstanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. Both from a theoretical perspective using computer simulations and by applying novel methods to analyze observational data.amaller@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
MarantzPower Control, Wireless communications: WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and software defined radios. zmarantz@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
MartinezSynthesis and evaluation of multi-target compounds as potential chemotherapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease.amartinez@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
MasudaNumber theory and discrete mathematicsamasuda@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
MendozaMulti-Agent and Bio-inspired Systems, Mobile Computing, Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems, Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Education.bmendoza@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
MillerCreative writing
MilonasHuman computer interaction components used in relational databases and non-relational databases. Big data organizational mechanisms used in web-based search engines and information retrieval systems. Techniques used for incorporating ethics in the computer curriculum specifically in the data science curriculum.EMilonas@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
MontgomeryThe development, history, and significance of the Brooklyn Civic Center and speculations on its future.jmontgomery@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
MoranLegal Technology in relation to existing law, the expectation of privacy, security, data analysis, and evidence. Forensic Science & The Legal Process exploring the intersection of science and law.mmoran@citytech.cuny.eduLAW AND PARALEGAL STUDIES
Moyssén ÁlvarezPolitical Sociology, Populism, New Media, Radicalization, Post-fascist movements, Archival Production, Voting Behavior, Latin America, Historical SociologyXMoysenAlvarez@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
NakamuraEnergy and Environmental, Simulation, Materials and Energy Recovery, Manufacturing and Recycling; Technology, Eco-Design, Sustainable Computingmnakamura@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
NegronOf particular interest are program evaluation, social welfare policy, social action, cause related marketing, the impact of social media on nonprofit organizations, grass-roots empowerment, and participatory research projects that connect women and girls to the land.cnegron@citytech.cuny.eduHUMAN SERVICES
NorouziEarth, Environment, and Climate Studies Using Remote Sensing and Ground Observationshnorouzi@citytech.cuny.eduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
OddoThe role of saliva and dental caries; any topic related to dental hygienedoddo@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
OssolaTheoretical Particle Physicsgossola@citytech.cuny.eduPHYSICS
OzlekMachine Design, Finite Element, Vibration, Robotics, Optimization, and Control.sozlek@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
ParkMy interests include Metaphysics, Phenomenology, and psychoanalysis. More recently, I've done work in Conflict Resolution Scholarship.LPark@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
Parksarchitectural design, architectural history, sustainable design, architecture, architectural theoryEParks@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
PintoClient/Server Programming, Semantic Web, Web Services, Intelligent Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systemsmpinto@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
Pope FischerAnthropological research focuses on post socialist Hungarian society from a global perspective as a way to address concerns regarding identity (gender, ethnic, national), issues of power and agency, the social construction of time and space, and the politics of difference and social inequities. My multi-site research includes the impact of migration and societal change on personal practice. LPopeFischer@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
RahmanComposite Materials, Bio Materials, Nanomaterials, Fracture Mechanicsasrahman@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
ReitzMathematical logic. Logical puzzles and games. Set theory and foundations of mathematics. Computation and complexity. Calculus projects: patterns in integration and differentiation.jreitz@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
Rivera-Correaantibodies, immune system, microbiology, viruses, malaria, B-cell, autoimmunity jriveracorrea@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
RodriguezLesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer/Intersex (LGBTQI) Issues, HIV/AIDS, Identity Conflict and Integration, Personality Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychology of Religion, Research Methods and Statistics and Social Psychology. My current research builds upon my doctoral dissertation work on LGBTQI people of faith.erodriguez@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
Rosen20th and 21st Century Literature, Narrative and Storytelling, Gender Studies, Writing in Digital Media, Brooklyn in the Archives (using the Brooklyn Historical Society)jrrosen@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
Samaroo1. Characterization and investigation of porphyrin-type molecule with proteins and DNA for therapeutic applications. 2. Spin-coating, photolithography, nanomaterials.dsamaroo@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
Sanchez JimenezRhetorical functions of citations in academic writing; rhetorical organization of the academic discourse; bilingualism and literacy for Spanish as a heritage language; interculturalism in the rhetoric and sociopragmatic texts written in the second language; corpus linguistics applied to discursive features of genre analysis; cognitive process involved in writing; influence of affective factors in the learning of Spanish as a foreign language; and uses of learning strategies in the design of didactic materials.dsanchezjimenez@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
SarkarBiomedical and clinical medical imaging including science and technology of MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine; projects may involve modeling and experimentation with X-rays toward mechanism of cancer, neural communication and disease processes and materials science for biomedical applications.ssarkar@citytech.cuny.eduRADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL IMAGING
SatyanarayanaBig Data and Data Analytics; Data Mining and Machine Learning with applications in Real World Learning Problemsasatyanarayana@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
SchoutensAlgebra - geometry.hschoutens@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
SetoNeuropsychoimmunology - The interface of immunology, infection and inflammation with psychiatric disorders and neurodevelopment Urban Ecology - The unique interaction of human populations in an urban space on the environment and ecosystemsjseto@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
SinghStatistical Analysis and simulations. Explorations in additive Number Theory, Quantum Integers and such. Linear and Abstract Algebra and their applications.ssingh@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
SiscoMain general interest is in behaviors associated with stress and learninghsisco@citytech.cuny.eduSOCIAL SCIENCE
SlatteryData science, cybersecurity, business, social impact, environment, and the combination of those. I am interested in helping with research that increases students' job and career opportunities.paslattery@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
SmithMusic Technology, Entertainment Technology, music, composition, design, production, artificial intelligence, blended reality, isomorphic mapping, performance, set design, game design, product developmdsmith@citytech.cuny.eduENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY
SmithVarious including Ethics, Inclusion, Education, Social, Health.asmith@citytech.cuny.eduRESTORATIVE DENTISTRY
SolisUse of bioinformatics tools and computational approaches to discover how protein folding information is encoded in amino acid sequences, and how interaction information is encoded in protein-DNA interfaces.asolis@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Sodeinde, O.DNA Barcoding, Biodiversity Conservation, Consumptive use impact, Vertebrate Ecology, Morphometric analysis, Fauna threatened status assessmentolufemi.sodeinde92@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGY
SowderConstruction management, project analysis, risk analysis, sustainability, urban planning and historyamsowder@citytech.cuny.eduCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
SpellanePreparation and analysis of light-sensitive transition metal compounds; investigations of the environmental consequences of chemicals manufacturing and petroleum refining in Brooklyn during the 19th and 20th centuries.pspellane@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
SpevackEmerging technologies in art, design, advertising, mindfulness, community, Communication Design, Emerging Media, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, UX, UIjspevack@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
Sung3D modeling, microcontroller, engineering design, invention, computing technology, STEM education.esung@citytech.cuny.eduCAREER AND TECHNICAL TEACHER EDUCATION
SwiftContemporary and historical theatre in New York City; theater architecture and material culture; technology and performance; avant-garde theatre; spectacle, music, dance, and installation art in public spaces; liturgical theatre and festival; devotional practices.cswift@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
SztaberekIndoor air quality monitoring (with focus on VOCs) and purification using PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation)lsztaberek@citytech.cuny.eduENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
TarantoDental Hygiene topics dtaranto@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
TewaniAnalytical chemistrystewani@citytech.cuny.eduCHEMISTRY
TidalWeb usability, user experience, web metrics, and mobile web development.jtidal@citytech.cuny.eduLIBRARY
UmmyFiber optics, fiber lasers and fiber sensorsMAUmmy@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
VeyTheatre history, especially performance spaces, stage direction, labor, and economic issues. Children's Studies. Professional juvenile performers within the context of shifting social constructions of childhood. Specialist in 19th- and 20th-century American and African-American theatre.svey@citytech.cuny.eduHUMANITIES
VinokurStudent's perception on distance learning education during COVID-19. Cultural competency, assessment study of cultural competence amongst healthcare students. Biomedical and clinical medical imaging including science and technology of MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine; projects may involve modeling and experimentation with X-rays toward mechanism of cancerzvinokur@citytech.cuny.eduRADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL IMAGING
VladutescuEarth Remote Sensing and Target Surveillancevvladutescu@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
VozaResearch interest includes 1) testing drugs on malaria parasites in vivo, 2) the imaging of parasites in the skin and 3) evaluating the efficacy of different route of injection in the context of immunizations. I am also setting up an artificial pond for teaching purposes and many studies could be related to this project.tvoza@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Vyprynyukperiodontal instrumentation, oral health disparities, access to dental care, oral cancer research, the role of a dental hygiene professional in interprofessional communicationKVyprynyuk@citytech.cuny.eduDENTAL HYGIENE
WalljasperCulinary Arts: Creativity, creative works, history, education, workplace environment, cultural influences and perspectives.RWalljasper@citytech.cuny.eduHOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT
WangWireless sensor network with prosthetic limbs for amputee and algorithms to filter noise and amplify biosensor signals as well as create interfaces to visualize the data.ywang@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
WeiResearch interests include computer networking and security, RFID and embedded device securityxwei@citytech.cuny.eduELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
Weinstein-LaviTraditional and modern gender roles, marriage, self-actualization; Character analysis in texts and films; Writing techniques for various genres; Historical artifact research (Holocaust documents)nlavi@citytech.cuny.eduENGLISH
WelkerGalaxy evolution. Focus on the interplay between cosmology (how the Universe evolves) and Astrophysics ( how astronomical objects like galaxies). Data analysis, machine learning, PHYSICS
WhyselExpanding the role of UX research and design into adjacent fields. Current research projects involve trusted identity standards in healthcare, geographic information systems, cybersecurity, accessibility, and media literacy.nwhysel@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
WongResearch + Design + Technology; Defining research in the field of Communication Design, including the development of a taxonomy of terms and concepts; the mapping of design methodologies and assessments using behavioral cognitive psychology approaches, and statistical analysis; finding creative solutions to problems using technology.dwong@citytech.cuny.eduCOMMUNICATION DESIGN
XiaoEngineering Design, Product Lifecycle Management, CAD/CAM, Optimization, virtual engineeringaxiao@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
XuBiomedical sensors and instrumentation, Non-invasive medical test, Image processing and signal processingcxu@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
YangContemporary architectural production, Architectural narrative, Global urbanism with a focus on post World-War II rebuilding implicationsjyang@citytech.cuny.eduARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY
YasarTissue Engineering, Biomechanics, Biofabricationoyasar@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
YuceOrdinary and Partial Differential Equations (applications involving structural mechanics, vibration and control theory), Mathematical Physics, and Perturbation Theory.hyuce@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
ZahranResearch focuses on exploring the structure and dynamics of biological systems and linking them to function. Rationally design new biological molecules, such as drugs using computational methods such as molecular dynamics tools, docking, and homology modeling approaches.mzahran@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
ZameerNervous system and immune system interactions. More specifically I am interested in how immune system can alter the functioning of nervous system in autoimmune disorders like Multiple Sclerosis and similar neurodegenerative disorders.azameer@citytech.cuny.eduBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
ZhangVirtual Reality, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, Mechatronics, Robotics, Embedded system and Finite element analysis applied in the field of the electromagnetic fieldZhZhang@citytech.cuny.eduMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
ZhouNon-Newtonian Fluids, asymptotic methodlzhou@citytech.cuny.eduMATHEMATICS
ZiaSocial and Interactive Robots, Mobile Robots, Wearable and Fashion Technology, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic applications, Computer Controlled Systems, Wireless Communication, Mechatronics.fzia@citytech.cuny.eduCOMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
ZimmermannFood Studies, Food Trends, Culinary Arts, Sustainability, Plant Forward, Food Diet and Culture, Mediterranean Food, American FoodTracy.zimmermann95@citytech.cuny.eduHOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT