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Energy and Environmental Simulation  Laboratory (EESLab) in Mech Dept  | New York City College of Technology (New York City Tech) | The City University of New York (CUNY) | 186 Jay Street, Voorhees 532, Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Tel: +1 718 260 5532 | Email: mnakamura@citytech.cuny.edu

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Deepakie Singh Sodhi EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

I’m Deepakie Singh Sodhi, a senior research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL) at City College of Technology. I am a recent graduate student from Queens College, majored in Data Analytics and Applied Sociology Research. I am interested in researching and working towards topics revolved around social impact concerning environmental issues, sustainability and society as a whole. My past research work contributes to public health issues such as mental illness, impact of education, gaps between gender, etc. With my research, I aim to work towards a sustainable, safer and growing society. With my master’s program, I have become an quantitative and qualitative analyst engrossed with examining, exploring and discovering important findings, patterns in large datasets. In my experience, I have analyzed big datasets, conducted effective statistical models, developed extensive and detailed reports, and used my presenting skills to expand research and analytics knowledge with others. I am excited to work on a new project with Professor Nakamura on Smart Gun Technology. Through my research, I aim to better understand the social impact of gun violence on shooters, victims and public. With all that goes around the world, I think it is important to ensure everyone feels safe and is capable to protect one another as well as themselves. Debate on gun control after multiple mass shootings in United States has been the midpoint of discussion. Through my research, I would like to actively present the importance and variation of social impact it has on us, as a society.

Professor Nakamura had a presentation in the 149th Laws and Regulations Workshop at JETRO New York

Professor Nakamura had a presentation on Security Technology and Gun Regulations in a Laws and Regulations Workshop (former Workshop on Environmental issues and regulations) at The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) New York. 

#smartgun #startup #securityTechnology#sustainablesociety #smartcitytechnology 

CUNY Service Corps introduced the CUNY TV segment of EESL activities

CUNY Service Corps introduced the CUNY TV segment of EESL activities.


Service Corps students Study with the Best


CUNY Service Corps students have appeared on a segment of CUNY TV show called “Study with the Best” with Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D., Assistant Professor and BTech Coordinator for the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Industrial Design at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). Both interviewed students are CUNY Service Corps students and other Service Corps students including City Tech students are in the scene of the group meeting.

Service Corps students Study with the Best