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Energy and Environmental Simulation  Laboratory (EESLab) in Mech Dept  | New York City College of Technology (New York City Tech) | The City University of New York (CUNY) | 186 Jay Street, Voorhees 532, Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Tel: +1 718 260 5532 | Email: mnakamura@citytech.cuny.edu

Prof. Nakamura gave three presentations in Technology Transfer Days Symposium at NYU CUSP

Technology Transfer Days at NYU The Center For Urban Science And Progress (CUSP)

Day1: Poster session: Picture with Douglas Adams, Director of CUNY Tech Commercialization Office (TCO).

Day2: IntroTalk: the conference room before started. Seven military people joined for giving comments/feedback.

Day3: TechTalk schedule

Day3: Seminar room before TachTalk started

Day3: Prof. Nakamura’s TachTalk presentation