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Energy and Environmental Simulation  Laboratory (EESLab) in Mech Dept  | New York City College of Technology (New York City Tech) | The City University of New York (CUNY) | 186 Jay Street, Voorhees 532, Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Tel: +1 718 260 5532 | Email: mnakamura@citytech.cuny.edu

Promotional Items Project: EES Lab Pullover Hoodie

Do you want to be an environmental-friendly person? Or want to be an environmental hero/heroine? Or are you EESL alumni? Wear a cool new EESL Pullover Hoodie that we designed. It’s now available! It costs $25-30 with a pullover heavyweight hoodie, front logo printing, depending on size, # of order, shipping, tax, etc. Fill out the following form!

EESL Pullover Hoodie Form


You need to come to Prof. Masa Nakamura’s office (V532), City Tech, CUNY and pick up with cash.


name: Chrisi Matt  Chris Mark

height: 5’7.5″ 5’10.5″ 6’0″ 6’3″

weight:    130 lbs    155 lbs    185  lbs   215  lbs

chest:        32.5″                       36.5″                     38.5″                       43″

waist:         27″                          32″                          34″                        39″