Monthly Archives: February 2019

Our Smart Gun Technology for preventing suicide and gun violence has been patented

Smart Gun Technology, developed by our research group, EESL in City Tech, CUNY, for preventing suicide and gun violence has been patented.

Patent Application 16/196,807

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Research Presentation: Testing Subway Air Quality Using Sensor Technology by Laurent Elysee

EESL celebrates the end of  the Fall 2018  semester with another great research topic :

Research Assistant Laurent Elysee presents the “Subway Air Quality” data collected  via sensor technology.

Throughout the semester Tu Nguyen, Laurent Elysee and Patrice Prosper conducted research; collecting data using programmed Arduino sensor tech on NYC subway platforms.

The  “Real Time Airborne Particle Emissions” research project was headed by Tu Nguyen who also severed as lead for “The NSF 2026 Idea Machine” research grant application.



Research Presentation: “Anaerobic Indoor Composter” by Xiao Lin

This Fall 2018 semester Xiao Lin has been hard at work, designing an Anaerobic Indoor Composter for household mix organic disposal.

We are all proud of Xiao’s successful research!


The technology is sophisticated and requires the use of EESL’s sensor technology.

The composter design is being entered in the “CUNY-I-CORPS”, a precursor to the “NSF Regional I-Corps” program, to find a potential commercial market segment.