Design Competition for Preventing the Coronavirus Disease and Spending Time Usefully during the Stay-at-home Era

Call for innovative ideas: any innovation or design for a product that can help to prevent coronavirus disease (masks, robots, drones, shields, bottles of hand sanitizers, devices, sensors, etc.) or to spend time usefully/productively at home during staying home (gym exercise tools, etc.). Any stages of the development process (brainstorming, hand drawing, computer graphics, 3D modeling) are welcome.

  1. Sketch (hand drawing) your idea on a paper,
  2. Take a picture, and
  3. Send the image file to Professor Masato R. Nakamura ( ) by 5pm, Friday, 4/30/2020

* You will have a chance to present your idea among design professionals and industrial design students as well as have feedback from them.

This design competition is held in conjunction with an IND 2410 Industrial Design II coursework project. It is open to everyone (not limited to CUNY’s City Tech and Brooklyn communities). Excellent designs will be recommended to present in a conference/startup event in the future.

Brainstorming and hand-drawing examples


Presentation slides for IND 2410 Industrial Design II coursework project

Download a PDF here: Industrial Design for Preventing the Coronavirus Disease406

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