Physical Modeling Group

Physical Modeling Group

Group Members: 
++ Jacky Chan
++ Justin Colon
++ Ibrahim Mamun
++ Antonio Meza
++ Alex Taylor
++ Masa Nakamura

Mailing list email: ,!forum/pmg-eeslab


Weekly meeting:
Wednesdays from 1:30pm

Research activities:
++ Physical Modeling (Reverse-acting, Vibration-acting, and Forward-acting )
++ Tracers in three different shapes, sizes, and density, respectively.
++ Shapes are cross, oval, sphere.
++ Start Experimental Work

Current priorities:
+ 1st meeting (08/28/2016)
++ Brainstormed a forward acting grate
++ Planned how to make sphere tracers
++ Decided weekly group meetings on Wednesdays 1:30pm
+ 2nd meeting (10/05/2016)
++ Setup Raspberry PI
++ Programed a code for controlling a stepper motor
++ Discussed a mechanism of forward-acting system

++ Tracer Creation Project (calculation sheet)
++ Forward-acting Grate System Project
++ Material Sampling Project




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