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Scotch yoke design

The design proposed yesterday during the 49th EESL club meeting is based on scotch yoke mechanism which is  used to convert rotational motion to linear one  and vice versa. The advantages of using such a mechanism is to get more push power, a smoother motion, with fewer parts.


Scotch yoke (image courtesy  S.Dalton, ITSligo)

Scotch yoke (image courtesy S.Dalton, ITSligo)


The 1st grant writing team meeting in V509 from 4pm 07/09/2015

1. Introduction
2. NSF
3. DOE
4. EPA
6. Schedule, next meeting


Discussions we had:
+ Each member will find a grant opportunity from either or
+ Next meeting will be on Thursday 7/16 from 4:30pm

Members  attended:
+ Masa Nakamura
+ Chris Amoroso
+ Charles Wandalo
+ Sharon Jones
+ Api Castano
+ Franklin Foulen

The 2nd simulation team meeting 07/09/2015 at V509 from 3pm.

Agenda + discussion
1 Cloud server setup
+++ Masa will do document work by Thursday

2 CIS HPC account
+++ Everyone will submit an application form

3 Solid waste mixing model simulation
+++ Already developed, just use current one

4 Methane generation model
+++ Start after August 1st

5 Mapping toolbox for landfill fieldwork
+++ Start after August 1st

6 Paper writing
+++ About Mixing model. everyone read this paper

7 Schedule
+++ The 3rd simulation team meeting 07/16/2015 at V509 from 3pm.


Members  attended:
+ Masa Nakamura
+ Chris Amoroso
+ Ezra Stabler
+ Joshua Afrifa
+ Himanshu Pandey

EESL Field Work around Freshkills landfill park 07/06/2015

EESL researchers, Tiffany (Lead), Sam, Ye and Masa went to Freshkills landfill park in Staten Island in  July 6, 2015  and acquired environmental data such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, etc. This kind of field work, as well as  experimental work and simulation work, is very important for environmental researchers like us.

Interested in environmental research? Join EESL.


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