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Simulation Group

Simulation Group

Group Members: 
++ Nazmul Bhuiyan
++ Masa Nakamura

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Weekly meeting:
++ 4/12/2017 page1 , 2

++ Analysing Efficiency of Waste to Energy Systems: Using Data Envelopment Analysis in Municipal Solid Waste Management
++ Data envelopment analysis, Wiki
+ Rstudio,
++ Comparison of different collection systems for sorted household waste in Spain
++ Regulatory structures and operational environment in the Portuguese waste sector
++ Influence of regulation on the productivity of waste utilities. What can we learn with the Portuguese experience?

++ Life Cycle Energy Analysis
++ Life Cycle Energy Analysis  EDG 71 RC • March 2012 report




Medical Waste Project: Overview

Medical Waste Project

++ Xiao Hu
++ Masa Nakamura


Project activities:
++ Literature Review
++ Writing a paper with Prof. Yasar’s lab

Current status:
++ See the password-protected page

Student Presentations:
++ Images of the title and first slides

++ Contact Professor Masato R. Nakamura at