The COMD Futures Collaboratory aims to support a variety of faculty and student research in emerging technologies.

COMD Spring Eggventure!

COMD Spring Eggventure! Promo – D.Greene, K.Alas

In Spring 2023, City Tech’s COMD Futures’ Emerging Scholars collaborated with Membit Inc. to launch the COMD Spring Eggventure, an augmented reality experience geolocated on the first floor of the Pearl Hallway at City Tech.

This virtual treasure hunt uses the augmented reality application Membit. To view the experience, download the app on your iPhone or Android and visit COMD on the first floor of the Pearl Building. Discover the ten virtual eggs hidden throughout the COMD Pearl Hallway! 

Say Their Names NYC

In Fall 2023, COMD students worked on the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art’s “Say Their Names NYC” memorial project, a digital AR monument remembering 200 African Americans killed by police brutality and racist violence. It was created in Membit and was visible in Central Park, where Seneca Village once stood.

The exhibition ran from Sept 16 – Oct 15 in Central Park and was also presented at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem.

Say Their Names NYC

Richard Humann’s “Ascension”

In May 2022, the COMD Futures Emerging Scholars created assets and tested Richard Humann’s “Ascension” project in collaboration with Membit, co-founder and CEO Jay Van Buren. Using twelve imaginary constellations suspended in the sky over the High Line, Richard Humann’s AR installation merges an alternate universe within our own. Inspired by Greek mythology, Richard created modern-day folklore using 20th-century figureheads and key events such as World War 2 and Elvis Presley.

Richard Humann’s “Ascension” project

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

In April 2022, COMD Futures Emerging Scholars helped Membit, co-founder and CEO Jay Van Buren, launch Eggventure, a promotional virtual Easter Egg Hunt, in collaboration with the Shops at Hudson Yards. The visitors found clues in the Memit channel to locate hidden eggs throughout the mall. The Emerging Scholars were tasked with testing the user experience and interface design of the app. The egg hunt spanned multiple floors, indoor and outdoor environments, and superimposed 3D objects onto the surroundings

Eggventure at Hudson Yards


This ongoing augmented reality (AR) project introduces prospective students to the COMD Department using Membit, a geolocative augmented reality (AR) storytelling platform.  Showcasing interviews and academic work from current students and recent graduates, the visitor will experience the COMD Department and the Pearl building from the student’s point of view.

In Spring 2022, COMD Futures Emerging Scholars and friends worked on the project plan, storyboards, user experience, and initial video interviews. Work on this ongoing project will continue each semester.

COMD Futures Collaboratory: Emerging Scholars Program

Students of all levels are encouraged to participate in the Emerging Scholars Program, which provides a $500 stipend for full-time students and a $250 stipend for part-time students for conducting research with a faculty member. First-year students receive additional funding through the Robinhood Foundation Grant. Students with skills/interests in storyboarding, image editing, 3D modeling, video editing, experience design, or just an interest in augmented reality are welcome to participate.

Student research poster Spring 2022