In the Spotlight: International Open Access Week

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International Open Access Week.
Open Access Week 2023.
#OAWeek October 23-29

October 23-29 is International Open Access Week! #OAWeek

To celebrate Open Access Week, Prof. Monica Berger shared some thoughts about open access in a post on the library’s OpenLab site, LIBRARY BUZZ. Entitled “Open Access and knowledge as a public good,” and adapted from her forthcoming book (Winter/Spring 2024) from the Association of College and Research Libraries, Prof. Berger explains the value of openly available shared knowledge. In that post, she shares:

Open access is at its essence a philosophical notion with the guiding principle that scholarly content should be available to all readers without restriction because knowledge itself is a public good and cannot be bought and sold.  The idea of knowledge as a public good derives from the work of Charlotte Hess and Elinor Ostrom’s conception of knowledge-as-commons.  

Monica Berger, “Open Access and knowledge as a public good,” LIBRARY BUZZ, October 24, 2023

Prof. Berger ends her post encouraging all of us to use platforms like CUNY Academic Works to share our work freely. In the spirit of Open Access Week, the library is offering a workshop on CUNY Academic Works, “Academic Works Demystified,” to demonstrate the value of sharing work openly. An additional workshop designed for students conducting research projects this semester, “Academic Works for Student Posters,” encourages students to add their posters to CUNY Academic Works so they can openly share their research with the CUNY community and beyond. This workshop will take place on November 20th–you can read more about this workshop in the Fall 2023 workshops schedule on the Undergraduate Research OpenLab site.

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