This Month on the OpenLab: October 2023 Release

On October 11 we released version 1.7.70 of the OpenLab. It included improvements to new features, minor theme and plugin updates, some retired plugins, and a few bug fixes.


When embedding an image in a comment, we added a space to include an alt text description of the image.

We also made some improvements to the way links are added to make it a smoother experience.

OpenLab Connections

We made a few improvements to OpenLab Connections

  • Added a notification to show when a change to the content you’re sharing with other groups has been made
  • Clarified when invitations are pending or there’s an outstanding invitation to accept
  • Improved the accuracy when searching for groups to send a connection invite

Retired plugins

We retired a number of plugins that are no longer being supported or had other issues: 

  • WP Broken Link Status Checker (Broken Link Checker is a replacement for this)
  • Edge Suite 
  • Papercite 
  • Watu Quiz 
  • Quiz Maker 

Bug fixes

We made some small accessibility fixes around the site, mainly to improve the structure of headings on a few pages.

The Reckoning assessment plugin added in the August release was not visible in the site Dashboard. It now appears, and can be activated in Dashboard > Plugins. 

We fixed an issue causing the timestamps in email notifications to be 4 hours ahead of the actual time of site activity.

During Course, Project, Club, creation there was an incorrect error message that could appear when choosing the URL for a site. If there were invalid characters entered, the message would say “Sorry, that URL is already taken.” This has been fixed, and we’ve also made a change so that if spaces are included in a URL, instead of generating an error message they will be automatically converted to dashes. 

As always, please contact us with any questions!

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