Workshops Schedule, Spring 2022

Undergraduate researchers must attend four workshops. Returning researchers must complete four workshops. If you have already completed all workshops and do not wish to participate in them again please contact Prof. Hamid Norouzi, — SUBJECT Line: workshop alternatives, to discuss alternate activities to fulfill this requirement.

All workshops are online for Spring 2022

Time Management
(Zoom link–no registration)
CUNY Creative Arts Team (CAT)March 10, 1-2 PM
Being a Professional
Profs. Gregory and WalljasperMarch 14, 12-1 PM
Presenting Yourself Online
The OpenLab TeamMarch 17, 1-2 PM
Research Types and Methods Panel
Profs. Gregory, Kim, and RahmanMarch 24, 1-2 PM
Advancing Library Research Techniques
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration 4-5pm)
Profs. Berger and LeonardMarch 30, 1-2 PM
March 30, 4-5 PM
Writing Abstracts for Research Projects
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
Profs. ElHitti and BannettMarch 31, 1-2 PM March 31, 4-5 PM
ePortfolios for Academic and Career Advancement
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
iTECApril 6, 1-2 PM April 6, 4-5 PM
Designing a Research Poster Presentation
(Registration for 1-2pm)
(Registration for 4-5pm)
Profs. Davide, Alcendor, and XiaoApril 14 1-2 PM
April 14 4-5 PM
Academic Works for Student Posters
Prof. Berger April 26, 1-2 PM

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