After having photographed the Honors Convocation at the start of my internship, I had an idea of what to expect when photographic an event such as the Commencement ceremony for City Tech. The Barclay’s Center which was where the ceremony was held was many times larger than the Marriott Hotel where the Honors Convocation was held. Although the number of students and the venue was way larger I was assigned only three specific tasks. My supervisor wanted me to create a sort of digital photo booklet with images taken from the graduation. For one of the spreads he wanted a collage of all the decorated caps. My first task was to take photos of the caps at the hangar area where the students were waiting to enter the arena. This was a lot of fun to me, I basically went around photographing all the beautiful creative decorated caps as well as group photos.

barclay's center      

I was also assigned to take photographs of the students walking into the arena. This proved to be quite challenging because the hangar was chaotic with students arriving non stop and being confused not knowing where to go. It was crowded and unorganized which made it difficult for me to make it into the inside of the arena. The next task was to take photos of the end of the ceremony where the students were declared as graduates. My supervisor wanted me to catch the moment where the confetti was thrown into the crowd. I had to be very alert  and be absolutely certain I did not miss this. It went perfectly and I managed to get  good shots. Overall I think I did quite well since I was able to get photos of all the key moments I was told to photograph.