Hello everyone, in conclusion the project that has taken up most of my time at the internship is the digital photo book. As I have mentioned in other posts this is a digital 18 page spread that contains photos from the July 4th City tech commencement ceremony. In it is the cover, photos of students as they prepare to enter the stadium, a collage with decorative caps, guest speakers along with videos, the salute and valedictorian and photos of the conferral of degrees. This photo book was a long project since there were layouts to be designed as well as selecting images from about 400 photos. After weeks, I finally see the project coming to an end. This project was paused for about a week in which I was doing graphics for the college’s social media. I was able to learn about selecting the best images depending on the situation. I also learned to listen to directions and focus on detail. I also learned how to use Photoshop more to correct photographs and make them web ready. The real-world experience I saw was meeting deadlines and explaining my designs and brainstorm together with the art director. Although I was nervous and doubtful when starting this internship, I was able to meet the requirements and never had any problems with my supervisor or fellow workers. I asked questions and gave my opinions. I always presented my work with explanations and listened carefully to feedback. This was a great experience that has made me more confident in myself as a person.