The Honors Convocation is a ceremony before the graduation ceremony where students are recognized for their hard work and achievement as honor students. This year it was held at Brooklyn’s Marriott Hotel located about two blocks from the College and the internship office. This was the first day I reported to the internship. It was before the summer semester started but I was looking forward to start accumulating my hours. This was a great way for me to start the internship off, with a fun project. I was to take photographs of the students in the venue and help set up a step and repeat which was City Tech’s backdrop for photos. After setting up the step and repeat we came back to the internship office where there were two other photographers that were also going to photograph the event. I felt relieved because since it was my first time photographing that event I was able to ask the other photographers to give me the run down of what I was to expect. The two photographers were very cool and amicable. My supervisor told us the key moments that he needed us to capture. Other than those  photos we were given the freedom to capture anything else that we wanted.


I learned a lot from this event since my supervisor’s strength is photography. This was a refresher for the photography class I have taken in the past. We shot in Camera Raw + Jpeg. We formated the memory card and the rest was about being at the right place and be alert to capture good shots. My supervisors advice for shooting for an event is to pick up a program booklet and follow along so you know when things are going to happen. It was a lot of walking since I wanted to get shots from different angles. It was also a bit intimidating since some of the photographs meant for us to carefully position ourselves where we will get a good shot but not be obstructing the students. I was exhausted when I left but I also had a good time since I will be attending the honors convocation as a student ext year and I got to see a preview of what the ceremony is like. A lot of students invited friends, family and loved ones. It was one of the largest honor groups so far. They opened up a section where a curtain is usually closed since not all the space is occupied. I really enjoyed the salutatorian speech as well. At the very end I was told that the next step was to color correct/ edit the photos I had taken.