How to look for a job was one of the topics we spoke about in class today. I learned about websites where I can look for jobs such as,,, as well as many others. We also went over temporary agencies which can be a good connection to get to where you want. Lastly we were told how a recruiter works, how he connects hiring agencies to designers and keeping a cut for his services. All this information is great to have when applying to jobs.

We went over the difference between freelance and being hired under a contract. Sometimes being a full time employee has its perks but as a freelance it may fit your lifestyle more conveniently. A way working as a freelancer is better is when you do not require medical benefits that you get when working full time working in a company. This way you are about to “keep” your whole salary instead of receiving a portion as a benefit you do not really need and not getting that money.

There are many things you must know when doing freelance. A topic that we went over is what to charge for services. We talked about the breakdown of how we arrive at a charging price. It is estimated about how many hours the assignment will take to complete. That number multiplied by how much a graphic designer makes, then multiplied by 25% to make up for any unforeseen time or expenses spent on the project.

We talked about staying relevant in the design industry. We must have an internet presence and have our work accessible on the web. This is something that cannot be stressed enough especially in today’s world. We have seen that the internet has replaced brick and mortar shops and to stay relevant you must be up to date and be constantly checking to see what is new. The same thing is true for our work.

Another way to stay relevant is to attend job conferences so we can network and build connections. We have to put ourselves out there so we can learn and get noticed. When I began talking to my peers I noticed that this was a great way to keep each other on track. Whatever one person did not know the other person might and vice versa. This is the same idea we can use to make connections. A fellow student might be able to refer us to a job but we would not know unless we spoke to them. It is also good to help others when we are in that position where we are the ones that have the connection.

I am enjoying the TED videos we watch together as a class. This week’s speaker was Marian Bantjes. She is a graphic design artist that chose to work in the commercial sector of design vs. the private. By working in the commercial area her work was displayed for all to enjoy, as she wanted people to be inspired by her work. I enjoyed her designs, she likes to use patterns and unusual materials. Marian uses a strong visual structure and her work contains elements of surprise. Her personalized valentine day cards were also interesting. The way that she took the time to create something for each person was also a way that she showed how much she cared about her family/ friends. To her, in addition to designing, it was a way she could show affection to her friends/family.