After the Honors Convocation, the College’s Commencement Ceremony at the Barclay’s Center was to be the next event we would photograph. In the mean time I was to edit the photos from the Honors Convocation. First I was to select the good photos from not so good ones. Next I had to color correct, crop them and convert them into web ready jpegs. After this I shared the photos with my supervisor and with the Alumni Department. I was able to do this in a day using photoshop. The following day I was taught to cut a stack of papers with an x-acto blade. Each paper contained about 8 access passes to the Barclay’s Center Commencement that I had to cut out. This was done by aligning the papers, using a clip to secure them together on multiple edges and corners and systematically cut them. I had only cut papers with the x-acto one at a time so I was very cautious. The first batch went perfectly but the second batch not so much. I should have divided the second stack into two, the stack was thick so I accidentally ruined like 5 passes. I was MORTIFIED. After I finished cutting the rest I told my supervisor I had accidentally cut 5 of them wrongly but to my relief he said he had printed extra so those five were not necessary.

The rest of the day I was shown what I would be working on after I finished the Graduation photo assignment. The designer that will teach me motion graphics and how to post for social media gave me the brief of what I would be doing later on. She manages the City Tech (news) pages. She showed me what she has done so far. I started sketching some layouts that would work across together. I also looked through Pinterest for inspiration and to see examples of what the design should entail.  The rest of the week was calm but i knew it would pick up that next monday knowing we would be photographing the City Tech graduation.