Ad Agency vs. Design Studio

There are many similarities between a Design Studio and an Advertising Agency. They both work to creatively deliver a message. The main difference between the two would be cost and size. In class we were told about how graphic design is pretty much creating the value. Advertising would be like selling that value. Design firms have generalist studios which creates all work related to design. This could be the designing of book covers, magazines, custom shirts, logos, branding, etc.

Advertising is more getting the consumer to take the action of purchasing the product. After reading the articles on the open lab, I learned that firms most of the time will consist of Public Relations, Marketing and Research and Creative Services. The public relation sector promotes the product or company through the media. They are sort of like the group that makes sure that the image of the company appears well.

Marketing and research take care of investigating the demographic, target audience to increase the amount of sales/revenue. They also develop ad campaigns. Creative Services come into play when the collateral and other tasks are carried out. Photographers, art directors, graphic designers, copywriters etc.

In conclusion from what I have read I am more interested in a generalist studio job. I am always excited to learn about creating different types of designs for different needs. Since a generalist studio handles all things design from web to print I would feel like I am doing something different every day. My strength is not really advertising so this would be up my alley.