After NYCCT’s Commencement Ceremony, I was to color correct and edit my photographs. I was also given all the other photographs my supervisor and two other photographers took (thankfully these had been already color corrected by the person who took the photos). I was to use these photos and design the spreads for the digital photo book. There was a total of about 16 pages. It was a lot of hard work sorting the photos and selecting the best ones. The way I was able to efficiently work with this large number of photos was to separate then into groups.

Since there were 400-500 photographs it would be chaotic to leave them all together, so I separated them into categories such as by only caps, another only group photos, only students walking in, by speakers and the confetti at the end. This made image search go very smoothly. I learned that organization, note taking and attention to detail are very important. There were times where my supervisor would mention a small detail he wanted me to fix and then talk about many other things so by me always having my sketchbook handy I would immediately write things down so I did not miss any detail.

This photo booklet project has been one of the longest projects I have ever taken on. I worked on it over two weeks. Each spread had to be approved by the supervisor and we were able to work together to quickly come up with a reasonable page order and clean layouts. I learned a lot during this process, such as cropping a photo to get rid of dead space. I also am learning how to add videos into this photo book and make the PDF interactive. I also got to work creating spreads which is something I like to do. Since it is a lot of photos and a lot of pages it was stressing as well but seeing the results are very satisfactory.

Below is my PowerPoint Presentation of my internship experience so far:

Internship Presentation