Getting an internship was a little more difficult than I thought because of the fact that I am also taking a morning class this summer. This does not allow a lot of time for me to commute to a distant location. Some of the internships that I was interested in were on, however some of these  had already passed the deadline to apply. Luckily I reached out to my internship instructor where she found that the Image and Visual Communications department for our college, New York City College of Technology was a place I could try applying to. I sent out an email to the senior designer which later scheduled me for an interview.  I was a bit nervous because I really wanted this internship due to its convenience. By being a few blocks from the college I could easily walk there after class and still work for at least five hours which would make it possible to complete the required 120 hours. After an interview that seemed like I was there for an eternity, I was offered the internship on the spot. I was very happy since this was my first choice and the first place I went to. I am glad I am able to work for this department since i am familiar with the college and would enjoy creating designs for my own school.

What I learned from the interview was that you have to come in prepared to answer questions about the place you are trying to work for. I did not really know what the responsibilities were or what the department has done in the past but I researched and I was asked questions regarding that. Another question that surprised me was when I was asked was if I have done any work in my spare time. I was actually thrown off guard because I don’t have any spare time. The last two semesters I have taken six classes at a time so this allowed for no down time. I barely get through the intensity of the work from the classes. I answered the truth that I take six classes and have no time. However it is something that I wasn’t expected to be asked and shows that the employer is trying to get to know everything about the person they are hiring. I am grateful for this interview experience. I feel like next time I will be comfortable and more experienced when being interviewed.