After the photo book project the next thing to do was graphics for NYCCT’s social media pages. The graphics contained information and reminders such as school closings or important dates. The social media pages are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Instead of working with my supervisor I worked directly with a graphic designer who works there. She told me which information I needed to make graphics for and the specs such as dpi required, sizes, etc. After going through the current social media pages I was able to get an idea of what the previous work they had done looked like. I used it as a slight reference. The first graphic I was to do was for the college’s closure on July 4th. I dido not get my design approved at first. I had to do another round until it was approved. The next graphic came easier to me which was an announcement stating when the colleges second summer semester begins. What I am working on now is the countdown until the start of the beginning of the fall semester. I have a lot of fun doing these graphics and am allowed creative freedom. Here are examples of the graphics I made.