Today we watched another TED speaker who talked about how he decided to choose happiness vs. a job where he would make a lot of money. I feel that it is hard to find a job where you can make a good amount of money and be as equally as happy. The reason for this is that to make money, you invest additional work and time. By doing this you spend this time and effort on work which sometimes leaves people without time to do things for their own in their personal lives.

When people apply for a job there are many factors they consider. They consider the schedule, location, pay and benefits. The pay and my position right now is what is an important factor to me. I would like to ascend to a higher position and earn well. I feel that I don’t have a lot of responsibilities at this point in my life and would be able to focus on working and growing as a professional. My goal career having a good position where I would work doing what I like to do.

I feel that after I find my dream job I will have to re-evaluate my work life. I am going to get married and am hoping that success in my professional life will not mean failure for in my personal life. It is in my plans to one day in the future have a child or two. I was raised in a household where my mother did not work and was always there for her children. I feel that I would like to be there for my children as well. Ideally, I would have to look for a job where I can get out early and still spend time with my family. I feel that way I will not be consumed by a huge amount of work load and will be able to divide myself equally between work and family.

If I can spend time with my family while also holding a job I am willing to give up a high salary. I would have to give up one thing for another but this would be a sacrifice that I would be okay with. In exchange for happiness in my personal life I am ok with taking a hit professionally whether this may mean less pay or a lower position.

In conclusion although pay and position are a huge reason for people deciding on a job, there are other factors that come into play. People might decide to downgrade in position if the job is overwhelming for them emotionally or just takes away too much time. I feel that money although important is not worth the emotional toll sometimes. Happiness can be a combination of meeting your personal and career goals.