NYCCT’s Image & Visual Communications Department is located on the 6th floor on 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. It is right across from Borough Hall and Columbus Park. It is also directly next to the FedEx that I always print from. The location of this internship is the extremely convenient. I got really lucky since my morning class runs from 8:30am-11:10am & I go into the internship from 12pm-5pm. This allows me to get some breakfast right in between. The Image & Visual Communication department shares its office space with NYCCT’s Alumni & Foundation Departments.  From my department there are my supervisor and a designer and me. The other departments consist of about 6 or 7 people. The office space is a mix of small offices and cubicles. It is a dress casual environment and the environment is very relaxed although everyone is always working. It is quiet most of the time which allows me to focus on my work. My supervisors office is located down the hall from my workspace (cubicle). This makes the work environment even more comfortable since I am left to work on my assignments and my supervisor comes to check on my work about every 2 or 3 hours. If I have any questions during that time I can go to his office to ask him.

My Role as an intern here is to create interactive graphics & designs to be used for the school. This includes photographing important school related events. I will also help to create graphics for the schools social media accounts. There are the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that I know of right now. We will work on creating consistency through the graphics to keep the college’s brand coherent. From what I was told I will be working with the designer as well to create motion graphics. I do not know anything about motion graphics so I am excited to learn about using Adobe After Effects. It is something I can include in my resume and is a valuable skill. Another thing I must mention is that my supervisor wants me to keep a sketchbook so he can look through the design process. I think this is great since I know that sketching out and planning before hand is the best way to go through the process. This is a good way to maintain good habits.